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TW Fri 22:33 Please be there a half hour early


TW Sat 17:04, please be there 30mins ahead

Welcome To Kindrid
~ ~ ~ ~ Welcome to Kindrid's Home Page ~ ~ ~ ~

This page has a limited view for our Guests,
but has so much more to offer to our Members.

We are family oriented faction on the Tideswell server
dedicated to making everyone feel at home and a part of the team.
We participate in Territory Wars, Nation Wars, Flowsilver Palace, Advanced Endless Universe, Warsong, daily Bounty Hunts and much more!

Kindrid is a thriving Faction That offers PVE and PVP fun with the highest level guild base and very active chat, we also have Ventrillo that we use for TW, NW and Events and for members and friends to hang out in!

If you would like to know more feel free to private message an officer, leave a forum post in our Guest section or apply to the faction here on the site!

Happy gaming!

→ Apply Here ←
Welcome to Kindrid!

If your Kindrid character needs help with anything, feel free to ask in Faction chat
or PM any of our officers.

We would like all members new and old to vote on
new applicants,
(+1, -1 or Neutral) responses only please.**
if you feel strongly about your -1 on an app, please send GingerVenom a mail on site stating why

**Kindrid only allows 1 character from each person in the faction.
Anyone inactive over 1 month will be removed from faction unless a post in the
Absence Notifications section
is made giving a good reason.

**When posting pics in Shoutbox;
use [/img] at the end of the picture link and [img overlay=true] at front of pic link,
so they can be clicked on to enlarge to original size.
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YAY welcome.
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hello and your very welcome..poke an officer when online pls \o/
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Hello and welcome 🌷
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I was accepted into Kindrid today and wanted to thank you for having me. <3
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The Prindagelf Channel

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