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TW Defending against Skunkyard

Welcome To Kindrid
Welcome to Kindrid's Home Page.

This page has a limited view for our Guests, but has so much more to offer to our Members.

We are family oriented faction on the Dreamweaver server dedicated to making everyone feel at home and a part of the team.
We participate in Territory Wars, Nation Wars, Twilight Temple, Advanced Endless Universe, Warsong, daily Bounty Hunts and much more!

Kindrid is a thriving Faction That offers PVE and PVP fun with a high level guild base and very active chat, we also have Ventrillo that we use for TW and for members to to hang out in!

If you would like to know more feel free to private message an officer, or apply to the faction here on the site!
Happy gaming!

Apply Here

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Donated Skill Books

see if we have what you need

Kindrid Facebook

Vent Info.

Come Talk With Us

The Power of Donations

Get Geared up with these Donated TT mats
Welcome to Kindrid!

If your Kindrid character needs help with anything (cultivation, help getting materials for gear, etc.), feel free to ask in Faction chat or PM any of our officers.

We would like all members new and old to vote on new applicants, (+1, -1 or Neutral) responses only please.**

**Kindrid only allows 1 character from each person in the faction.

Anyone inactive over 1 month will be removed from faction unless a post in Absence Notifications section is made giving a good reason.
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Keppy added a forum post

TW for a Mystic - Useful skills

Thanks, Gly. A couple weeks ago, I used Bramble Tornado on Dragoonz in NW. It was fun watching him go flying back.
Prindagelf added a forum post

TW for a Mystic - Useful skills

nice info, ty
Gly added a forum thread

TW for a Mystic - Useful skills

THIS IS A BOOK. GET A CUP OF COFFEE, MAYBE A MUFFIN OR A FEW COOKIES.. AND SETTLE IN FOR A LENGTHY READ.TW-ing as a Mystic can have various duties. You can be a healer, a dd-er or a support. When it comes down to it though, you might get stuck doi...
Prindagelf added a forum post

The Prindagelf Channel

05/05/15 NW port out
Prindagelf added a forum post

The Prindagelf Channel

Cartel - BC TW 05/13/15, ok all i seen was BC but yeah
Prindagelf added a forum post

ByPass Arc

The edit is for ppl who do not want ARC, like me.
Eighth added a forum post

ByPass Arc

This also works, and without editing client files. But thank you anyway
Grimmjow added a forum thread

ByPass Arc

how do get PWI to work with having to log on Arc and Arc starts up when you try and start PWI1: Go into the PWI folder PWI_en2: Go to Folder patcher3: find the fil named stringtab4: now you have 3 Options: 1st delete the fil, 2nd renamed the fil a...
Terini added a forum post

Guide to the catshop database

Absolutely excellent guide, and yes even though the site is in Russian its easily usable by anyone!!Once you make that first change to PWI Dreamweaver and type in what your looking for you'll wonder how you ever managed before!! I've made and save...
Prindagelf added a forum post

The Prindagelf Channel

Naked TW 4/11/15